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How to Select Wicker Furniture for your Outdoor Area

by admin • August 1, 2016 • No Comments

wicker furniture

How to Choose Wicker Furniture

When beginning to shop for wicker furniture you will find the options are almost endless. There are numerous brands and materials to choose from. Styles for almost every taste are out there and prices range from several hundred dollars into the tens of thousands depending on different options. Nobody ants to overpay for something when you can get the same option without the expensive tag elsewhere. Well, we are here to help you on your buying journey.

Choosing a Quality Wicker Patio Furniture Set


Wicker Furniture Material


Cheaper wicker furniture is usually made with sub par materials that will eventually rot or fade with time. If one of the newer plastic materials in use today that can have serious effects on the environment as it fills our landfills. Cheap wicker many times will look shiny like a vinyl. You will notice conflicting texture in the material itself.

Polyethylene is usually the indicator of a higher quality wicker material and furniture. Polyethylene is a resin that is more eco-friendly  for the environment. Some strands are infused with UV inhibitors that prevent the sun causing the furniture to fade.This ensures a longer lifespan. Polyethylene is fairly durable, low-maintenance, and is made to withstand the elements and test of time. It is immune to cracking, scratching, and fading. It is also a sustainable material.

I am sure you have seen wicker patio furniture in wholesale stores for several hundred dollars. Much of this furniture is manufactured and bought in bulk to keep prices low. While pricing is decent th quality from these cheaper materials cannot compare to Polyethylene (PE). Polyethylene is very rigid yet tough and flexible at the same time. PE is resistant to cracking and scratching. It is the premier option for wicker furniture.


Wicker Furniture Weave


Good quality wicker furniture is professionally usually hand-woven. It is made several rows at a time to ensure quality is there. Large volume and bulk manufacturers speed up the process and weave ten rows at a time usually. This lessens the quality and leaves an irregular pattern. Spacing is off and not symmetrical many times.  With PE the chances of this occurring are less as it is a stiffer material and must be woven more carefully.

Most consumers aren’t conscientious of the tedious practice involved in making quality wicker furniture. Many tend to confuse wicker and rattan. They are not the same. Wicker is the description for the woven material while rattan is the actual natural fiber material that can be used sometimes.

Wicker Furniture Support System


Some companies attempt to cut back costs by using sub standard framing for the furniture. This tends to warp and buckle over time. Wicker made on machinery has a higher chance of unraveling due to undue stress when additional support is not added. A netting may be used to hold the frame together and act as a base for the wicker. This prevents punctures. Some manufacturers powder-coat frames for aesthetic appeal. This offers protection from the elements a bit more.

Price Point for Wicker Furniture


As mentioned earlier the pricing for outdoor patio wicker furniture has a large range.  You can certainly find good cheap deals out there, but many times it pays to spend a little more. The old adage you get what you pay for is certainly true in this case.

At the other end of the spectrum you can find high priced expensive luxury brand sets that break the $10,000 ceiling.

For the savvy shoppers there are a few brands that provide value at an affordable price. If you spend a little time you can usually find what you are searching for in your desired range.

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